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The Digital Archive

People tend to forget things quickly, especially things they have read; we have stored all the back issues of bergsicht and the individual columns written by Konrad Hummler in our archive, so you can always check back on anything you need. Here you will also find Dr. Hummler’s investment commentaries, if you wish to look back a little further in time – the first Investment Commentary appeared on 22 January 1991. Even then, the object of the exercise was to give people something to think about and, with bergsicht continuing in this tradition, the archive is an excellent source of eyewitness analysis of the political and economic ups and downs of more than 20 years. 

It is the nature of the beast that the rebooted archive will still be incomplete even as the first editions begin to gather dust, but we are looking forward to filling these digital shelves with our new musings as time moves on. The archive is reserved for annual subscription holders only and the investment commentaries and editions of bergsicht will also be available in English. The columns are only available in German. 

Not all of the investment commentaries (especially some of the very early editions) have been translated into English. The following editions are not available in English: 137-159, 161-164, 178, 180, 183-186, 188-189. English readers should also be aware that the bergsicht archive is still incomplete. We are currently working with our translator to translate past editions in reverse chronological order. Our goal is to have all of the bergsicht editions translated by the beginning of 2016.