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  • bergsicht 27

    The moral impotence of the majority

    The adoption of a new anti-racism provision into the Swiss Criminal Code in 1995 turned out to be the opening salvo in a wide-ranging juridification of freedom of expression. Since then, political correctness has extended and reinforced this trend. In short, it is becoming ever more dangerous to speak one's mind. In the latest edition of bergsicht, we do just that. Click here for edition 27 of bergsicht.

  • bergsicht 26

    Free trade. What else?

    The latest edition of bergsicht, entitled “Free trade. What else?” is a spirited plea for the free exchange of goods and services. Despite all the perils, we are optimistic that people the world over will continue to benefit from cross-border value chains. Why? Click here for edition 26 of bergsicht.

  • bergsicht 25

    When Worlds Divide

    Moving beyond psychological profiling of the new US president, the 25th edition of bergsicht (May 2017) seeks to place the explicit pursuit of self-interest within its historical and social context. Is a shift towards more conspicuous expressions of self-interest making the world less certain? Not necessarily. We hope you enjoy exploring our arguments here

  • We share 'The Piketty problem'

    bergsicht 7

    Free Download 

    Piketty is all for redistribution – and on this one occasion we concur, so we are handing out edition no. 7 of bergsicht for free. The following link will take you to the English PDF.  

    Go to PDF…

  • Blockchain: Like a Hurricane?

    Why all the buzz?

    The current issue is one of a series of bergsichts exploring digitisation. We delve into the underlying forces at work in the remarkable blockchain technology and liken their transformative power to a hurricane. We’ve made a big effort to avoid writing a single incomprehensible sentence on the matter. To help us wrap our heads around the opaque terminology, we’ve also compiled a glossary. We’ve gone the extra mile because we’re convinced this is a trend that’s on the march. Click here for bergsicht 17. 

  • Annual Subscription

    With a 20% discount

    Our Annual Subscription: CHF 232.- 

    The subscription includes six editions of bergsicht as a download plus access to the entire archive, which now contains Dr. Konrad Hummler’s earlier Investment Commentaries. The annual subscription is currently on offer at a 20% discount for CHF 232.  

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  • Student Subscription

    Thirst for knowledge?

    Try our Student Subscription for CHF 75.-

    We want our publications to give people of all ages – but especially young people – food for thought. With this in mind, we have recently introduced a special subscription for anyone in full-time education, at the substantially reduced price of CHF 75. The subscription includes six editions of bergsicht in digital form and access to the entire archive. 

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    Are you online?

    Try our "light" Subscription for only CHF 120

    Feeling weighed down by paper? We have established a digital-only channel for you to enjoy bergsicht on the go. With our "light" subscription, the latest edition will be sent to you by email as a PDF attachment. You will also be able to access the three most recent editions via our website. Happy reading!

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Buch: Versuch, Irrtum, Deutung

Books by and featuring Konrad Hummler. Continue reading...

Arichiv Bergsicht

Digital Archive still incomplete but we will filling it with new musings as time moves on. Continue reading...  



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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Abstract of bergsicht 26

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Monday, 6 November 2017

Abstract of bergsicht 27

Our abstract of bergsicht 27 can be found here:



Thursday, 1 June 2017

Abstract of bergsicht 25

Please find here the English abstract of bergsicht 25. 

Friday, 18 November

Abstract of bergsicht 21

Our new abstract of bergsicht 21 can be found here: 



bergsicht 5

Renationalising the world?

bergsicht edition 5 - the most recent translation - can be found here

bergsicht 21

Secular stagnation - or surge of the century?

bergsicht edition 21 out now! The latest publication can be found here