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  • bergsicht 24

    Energy transition

    There is no energy problem. The energy equivalent of the solar power the Earth basks in every day is about 370,000 million barrels; humanity’s current total daily oil consumption stands at 96 million barrels. In bergsicht 24, we make no attempt to influence people’s voting behaviour in the upcoming referendum, seeking instead to paint an objective picture of Switzerland’s energy landscape. We trust we have shed some light on a subject that, while complex, is not fundamentally problematic.

  • bergsicht 23

    Is everything different this time?

    The forces lumped together under the banner of “digitisation” are conspiring to create one of the greatest developmental step changes in human history. In bergsicht 23, we attempt a phenomenological dissection of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The question is, is everything different this time? We think it is. Click here to find out why.  

  • bergsicht 22

    Little country, what now?

    The last bergsicht for this year is hot off the press. In it, we investigate what the trend towards renationalisation means for a small country like Switzerland. Naturally, President-elect Trump gets a look-in, too… As ever, we hope our analysis gets you thinking. 

  • bergsicht 21

    Secular stagnation?!

    bergsicht 21 subjects classical macroeconomic models to a reality check. Falling information and transaction costs are enabling massive efficiency gains that we believe are not being adequately reflected in these models. We hope our analysis piques your curiosity. 

  • bergsicht 20

    Managing Multiplicity

    “Managing Multiplicity” is the title of the twentieth edition of bergsicht. In it we take a look at Europe, address global capital allocation and even drop a few hints about the stews and hot pots we like to order on vacation. After all, what’s wrong with letting holiday pleasures linger just a little...? We hope you enjoy bergsicht No. 20.

  • Stability for our Time

    bergsicht 18 out now

    Going, going, gone… How long can central banks keep up their current ultra-low interest rate policy? If Japan is anything to go by, the answer is: for a very long time indeed. The latest edition of bergsicht takes Japan as a case study and explores whether the prerequisites for “stabilising stagnation” in this country now apply to the entire globe. Click here for our analysis of the situation in bergsicht 18.

  • We share 'The Piketty problem'

    bergsicht 7

    Free Download 

    Piketty is all for redistribution – and on this one occasion we concur, so we are handing out edition no. 7 of bergsicht for free. The following link will take you to the English PDF.  

    Go to PDF…

  • Blockchain: Like a Hurricane?

    Why all the buzz?

    The current issue is one of a series of bergsichts exploring digitisation. We delve into the underlying forces at work in the remarkable blockchain technology and liken their transformative power to a hurricane. We’ve made a big effort to avoid writing a single incomprehensible sentence on the matter. To help us wrap our heads around the opaque terminology, we’ve also compiled a glossary. We’ve gone the extra mile because we’re convinced this is a trend that’s on the march. Click here for bergsicht 17. 

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    Our Annual Subscription: CHF 232.- 

    The subscription includes six editions of bergsicht as a download plus access to the entire archive, which now contains Dr. Konrad Hummler’s earlier Investment Commentaries. The annual subscription is currently on offer at a 20% discount for CHF 232.  

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    Thirst for knowledge?

    Try our Student Subscription for CHF 75.-

    We want our publications to give people of all ages – but especially young people – food for thought. With this in mind, we have recently introduced a special subscription for anyone in full-time education, at the substantially reduced price of CHF 75. The subscription includes six editions of bergsicht in digital form and access to the entire archive. 

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    Try our "light" Subscription for only CHF 120

    Feeling weighed down by paper? We have established a digital-only channel for you to enjoy bergsicht on the go. With our "light" subscription, the latest edition will be sent to you by email as a PDF attachment. You will also be able to access the three most recent editions via our website. Happy reading!

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Arichiv Bergsicht

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News from M1 AG

Friday, 18 November

Abstract of bergsicht 21

Our new abstract of bergsicht 21 can be found here: 



bergsicht 5

Renationalising the world?

bergsicht edition 5 - the most recent translation - can be found here

bergsicht 21

Secular stagnation - or surge of the century?

bergsicht edition 21 out now! The latest publication can be found here