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Small but savvy

M1 AG Philosophie

Source: St. Gallen municipal archive

We are a small team of seven, affiliated in having worked in close cooperation with Dr. Konrad Hummler at Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers for many years. Times of growth and consolidation, and even of overcoming looming challenges as a united front, have created strong bonds between us. We encourage the participation of all in settling important entrepreneurial matters, and voluntary co-management is an essential feature of our dialogue and our culture of constructive debate. Ideological fixation and modish pieties are anathema to us and we are more interested in exploring new and controversial perspectives than in building consensus. We take nothing at face value, and we would put nothing past anyone. We are more impressed by facts than opinions.

We have the right office space to do justice to these precepts. As Matthäus Merian’s 17th-century engraving above shows, the building was originally located outside the city walls of St. Gallen. The shooting club of the time had also found quarters on the same spot, far from the strife between the abbot and the burghers of the city, and the building next to the Brühltor Gate went on to be purchased by a Cercle, a gentleman’s club. The city is just a stone's throw away but, located as we are on the rim of the park, we are just far enough away to engage with strategic questions at a healthy remove.